The easiest, safest and
fastest way to manage
your Assets and Crypto

Manage wallets. Create, collect, receive and transfer Assets through QR codes easily. Buy cryptocurrency. Swap tokens.

icewal app

Everything you need, all in one app

Buy, Send, Receive & Keep Cryptocurrencies

You can send, receive and keep cryptocurrencies safely and securely with Icewal.

Create, Discover, Store & Trade Assets

Create your assets, discover rare assets from digital art to collectibles from your favorites. You manage your assets. You transfer assets as easy as the scan of a QR code & selling them with free gas fee.

Swap Tokens

Swap hundreds of crypto tokens from thousands of available trading pairs instantly & directly Help manage your crypto portfolio in one app.

Manage Wallets

You can import your old wallet or create a wallet, to the one you'd use for trading blockchain or creating and sending assets. Import from major blockchain wallets in a few easy steps.

Link your Wallet. Just scan a QR or copy a linking code.

Track your entire crypto portfolio across every wallet you own. Manage all your private keys and sign transactions in one app.


Icewal makes it easy to buy, sell and swap crypto and create digital assets ausing it.

Multichain Support

Navigate your way through USDC, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency with no barriers.

Create and Trade Unique Digital Assets

You can create unique digital assets on Icewal. These assets can be everything from gaming items and digital art, to sports collectibles. Create your digital assets via a simple interface, send them through QR codes.

Pick a name, image, and description for your new assets.

Create everything from unique dijital assets in minutes.

Use QR codes to distribute your dijital assets anywhere.

Swap Easily

Changelly to access hundreds of tokens with available trading pairs. The best exchange rates for thousands of available cryptocurrency pairs supported by exchange providers.

Advance Features

One-Time Backup

Keep everything both accessible and secure, with one strong passphrase that you’ll only have to back-up once.

Multi Wallet

Safely manage multiple wallets capable of storing any token in a single app. Import and manage an infinite number of wallets, each with its own encryption settings.

User Friendly

No extra steps, or sign-in. No matter your experience level, you will be able to trade with ease. The self-explanatory interface advances ease-of-use for both beginners.

Ultimate Security

Full control over private keys. Encrypted backup for extra safety. Strong wallet encryption and cryptography guarantee that your assets will remain safe under your ultimate control.

No Gas Fee

No gas fees for sending and receiving transactions.
*according to terms and conditions.

Collect and Buy Digital Assets

Get a cozy wallet to keep your digital assets and buy them right on the Icemarkt Marketplace.